Follow Ptec's 3 simple steps when buying shop fittings

Are you considering decorating the store? Follow these simple steps before you get started!

Ska du inreda din butik? Följ Ptec:s enkla steg

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Step 1 » Your requests

  • What are you looking for?
  • Is it interior design for an entire store or do you want to highlight an individual product?
    Whatever the reason you should think about what the purpose of the decor is. Is for example interior design important to
    strengthen the feeling you want to achieve in the store? Or do you want to place a special item in the spotlight? Should it be easier to keep clean?
  • What does the room look like now?
    Take pictures of the unfurnished environment, or of the area you want to change. Feel free to supplement with sketches and inspirational pictures. Maybe you have seen someone else who has a good solution that you have been inspired by?

Step 2 »
Focus on the facts

  • Measure the area you want to decorate.
  • Think about what color you want on the store interior.
  • How many display racks are needed?
  • How much should the rack hold?
  • Do you need space for messages?
  • Do you want space for lighting?
  • Should the display stand be fixed or equipped with wheels?
  • Do you have requests about floor space claimed?
  • Should the display stand withstand outdoor environment?
  • Does the interior need to be ESD-secured?
    (against static electricity)


Step 3 » Budget

  • Do you have a budget for the assignment?
    (Do you want an expensive, cheap or medium-sized
  • When should the interior be finished?


Ptec Inredningar always keep standardized shop fittings in stock. Colour ordered to order.