HFLEX product of the month, December 2021

Imagine being able to measure and cut the cable directly from the cable reel / spool. It's possible! In a short video, we present the measuring and cutting unit for cable up to Ø 22 mm.

It doesn't have to be complicated to measure and cut cable. If you provide the cable reel holder with a measuring and cutting equipment, it goes like clockwork! Just pull out as much cable as you need. The counter keeps track of how much you pull out – then just cut with the scissors that are mounted in a comfortable cutting position.



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Technical data, Art.No. 5050
(measuring and cutting unit for cable)

The cable cutter cuts up to Ø 22 mm
Max. diameter for cable: 19 mm
The counter gives measurements in decimeters

Measuring and cutting unit with counter in cm
Art.No. 5051

Cutrail Art.No. 5030


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