HFLEX product of the month, November 2021

Handling, measuring and cutting hose can be a challenge. With a pull-out basket equipped with a measuring and cutting unit, it is easier. We present HFLEX pull-out basket 1700 and measuring / cutting unit in a short video.

Anyone who has tried handling a hose knows how difficult it can be. Placing the hose in a pull-out basket unit makes work easier. If you also add a measuring and cutting unit, you can easily measure and cut the desired length. As usual, the HFLEX product is super easy to install.


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Technical data, Art.No. 1700
(pull-out basket with crossbar)

Cable coil max Ø 675 mm
Adjustable centre 135–450 mm
Width 900 mm
Depth 820 mm
Load/basket: approx. 60 kg

Set of hose control plates 130 mm

Base stand, Art.No. 714 T-stand
Contains: 2 pcs T-stand, 4 pcs middle bar,
bolts included.

Castor with brake, Art.No. 720

Castor without brake, Art.No. 721

Measuring and cutting unit, Art.No. 5025


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