Ptec delivers HFLEX solution to Bauhaus

Bauhaus is a DIY store with a product range of more than 150,000 items. Here you find everything for professionals and DIY enthusiasts!

Ptec has been supplying HFLEX solutions for electric cable management in Bauhaus department stores for several years. What it looks like on the shelf and how the store solutions work goes hand in hand with the Bauhaus brand, the work environment for employees and the customers' experience.

The HFLEX products keep it neat and tidy in the shelves in all Swedish Bauhaus department stores.


Create a tailor-made self-service system for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts where they themselves, without hassle and clutter, can measure and cut the desired cable length


  • A movable table with manual coiler and measuring unit for customers who need to wind up a larger amount of electrical cable
  • Reinforced reel / spool holder for heavier reels equipped with a perforated label display strip. Here, customers can cut to a smaller amount of cable

The solutions are tailored to fit Bauhaus' dimensions and demands, but you can find similar products in our HFLEX standard range.

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Hook the holder in place and click the brackets. It's not more difficult than that to get the cable reels in order.

Technical data, art no. 1350

  • Adapted for heavier reels such as cable, hydraulic hose
  • Ball-bearing rollers adjustable for different diameters
  • Reel width max 350 mm
  • Reel max Ø 600 mm
  • Width 900 mm
  • Depth 520 mm
  • Label strip Art no. 1350-400 with holes



In order for the Bauhaus customer to easily get the right amount of cable, they use a measuring unit. Here we present Universal measuring unit 5082 which is a novelty for 2022.

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Technical data, art no. 5082

  • For pallet or table
  • The counter counts in decimeters
  • Dimensions 110x105
  • Max Ø cable / rope: 18 mm


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Foldable coiler for easy removal of cable when unwinding

Technical data, art. no 7075

  • Table bracket for attachment
  • Inner Ø 200 mm
  • Outer Ø 380 mm
  • Width 135 mm