Meet Marcus: newly-employed multitasker at Ptec

40km commute, or 4 minutes? The choice is easy for Marcus, who also claims that paradise on earth… well that’s to be found in Kulltorp!

You’re quite new at Ptec. What made you start working here and what did you do before?

”Before I started at Ptec in August 2020, I was working as a shop assistant at Mekonomen, which I did for almost six years. One of the main reasons I started work at Ptec is that I live in the same area as the company’s offices, i.e. paradise on earth – Kulltorp! Peter and I have known each other for some years, and I know we think alike about most things, so I knew I would end up at a good workplace.”

What’s important in a workplace for you?

”Definitely well-being. Good spirits – keeping a nice tone and helping one another. With those conditions in place, there’s a high likelihood you’ll do a good job.”

On the website, it says you’re the person to contact for orders, technology, and quality. What does that actually mean?

”Basically you could say that if you have questions about lead times, functionality or other product issues, I will do what I can to give you the best possible answer. If you just want to call and see how things are, that’s fine too.”

What would you say characterises Ptec? What are you best at here?

”We work with real humility and diligence to meet our customers’ requirements. Our organisation allows us to be really flexible, and we always try to find the ultimate solution to attain the best possible end results.”

Marcus Elmersson på Ptec

What do you like to do in your free time?

”I spend  lot of my free time playing football for the local club, Kulltorps GOIF. Otherwise I like to go running or spend time with my loved ones. On Sundays I’ll happily spend the day on the sofa watching MotoGP on TV.“

Lastly, if you were a cartoon character, which one would you be?

”Hard to say, but a friend once told me that I’m like the Road Runner in ‘Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner’. I’ve actually never seen the show, but I hope that’s a compliment…”

Marcus Elmersson påminner om hjulben enligt vissa

The Looney Tunes animated cartoon series about Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. According to Wikipedia, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner are two fictious animals living in the southwest American desert. The Road Runner is a long-legged bird that can outrun a train. Wile E. Coyote’s only goal in life is to catch and eat the Road Runner. He never manages, and ALWAYS draws the short (often painful) straw.