Ptec arranged tailor-made cable management for Koenigsegg

The Swedish company Koenigsegg is a world leader with its production of exclusive hyper cars. The company's philosophy is to work with innovation to avoid compromises. "Nothing is impossible" is their point of view. We had a chat with Mikael Isgren who works with manufacturing engineering at the car company, to see what he thinks about HFLEX cable management.

How did your journey at Koenigsegg start and how has your career developed since then?

“I used to work as an electrician and came in contact with Koenigsegg during installation of industrial machines as early as 2012. Over the years there were smaller jobs with expansion of lighting and power to workstations.

In 2015, I was asked if I wanted to start working here. After that I took care of the manufacturing of electrical interior for cars, e.g. interior lighting, steering wheel, instrument cluster, center console and many others articles. As well as supporting production and aftermarket with troubleshooting and all kinds of test equipment.

In 2019, I took the step over to Manufacturing Engineering and am now more focused on the industrialization of our upcoming Gemera model, but also very mixed as we support the production with test equipment/templates/jigs and I do everything from CAD design to software development.”

What’s the best thing about your job? What makes your heart beat that little bit faster?

“The best thing about the job is that it is so widely varied, you never really know what will happen during the day. It’s especially fun when you can help someone and improve or facilitate their work process, because we have a lot of work that require fine motor skills, small improvements can give great results.

Then it is of course fun to see the cars roll out of the line and take their first drive on our test runway.”

Ptec levererar HFLEX kabelhanteringssystem till Koenigsegg

What’s important for you when you choose a supplier?

“The most important thing for me is probably good communication with the supplier and that they have good documentation for their products since we manufacture such bespoke and low volumes, it is very useful to be able to build a virtual environment in e.g. CAD and see how everything fits together and how that works with our products.”

How did you come into contact with Ptec?

“I received a request from our Cabling Department to arrange a rack for cable reels that would work with a machine that measures, marks and cuts cables. We already had a cable rack from before, but it wasn’t satisfactory, so I started looking and then found Ptec's HFLEX system that seemed promising. I contacted them and got some CAD models of the articles I was interested in so I could start sketching a suitable solution for us.”

Which features of Ptec do you value most?

“Ptec are very flexible and they have good knowledge of their products. They are quick to answer our queries which is very valuable for us as we need to come up with solutions quickly.”

A video showing how to build a Koenigsegg Jesko. It's understood that it requires a lot of power cable to be handled quickly and tangle-free.

Last but not least. Have you noticed any benefits of the HFLEX system?

“The biggest advantage so far is that it is very stable and gives lot of space. We have around 30 cable reels in varying colours and dimensions, which all fit on two racks with space to spare for future needs.”


Koenigsegg ordered a tailor-made cable reel rack so that it would fit perfectly in their premises and keep the same brand profile as other materials. Below we show the standard articles that formed the basis.
HFLEX Crossbar 705
HFLEX Reel Pipe 705
HFLEX Cablereelrack 705