Brand adapted fittings? Ptec makes this possible for Pinewood.

Pinewood is an international outdoor brand with value words such as credibility, sustainability and innovation. They have had a long-standing collaboration with Ptec. We had a chat with Jonas Bystedt, Key Account Manager/Digital Sales Manager at Pinewood, to see how the collaboration works.

How did your journey at Pinewood start and how has your career developed since then?

“My journey started in 2018, so I’m still a newcomer to the sector in some ways. Despite this, I managed to step up the ladder in my career, from salesperson to Key Account Manager/Digital Sales Manager.”

What’s the best thing about your job? What makes your heart beat that little bit faster?

“The best thing about my job is actually the product. The clothes are not only inspiring to sell, but also to wear. I thrive in my workplace, mainly thanks to the genuine feeling that permeates the entire firm and creates a safe and enjoyable workplace.”

Pinewood samarbetar med Ptec sedan lång tid tillbaka

What’s important for you when you choose a supplier?

“Three things primarily: flexibility, proximity and price. Possibly in that order too. If we’re talking about Ptec, what I most appreciate is the proximity and flexibility.”

How did you come into contact with Ptec?

“Ptec and Pinewood had already collaborated for a long time when I stepped into the picture. As everything had always gone super well, I continued along the beaten path.”

Is that how all your projects with Ptec proceed? Do you have, for example, a completed drawing that Ptec works from or perhaps a product that you want to commercialise in the store, but don’t know how to? Please do tell us how a project might start off.

“We work with a ready-made order template where we fill in the desired number of displays. I haven’t needed to produce any new products recently, but when I need something new, I usually just contact Ptec and discuss a solution for the product we need. This usually results in us getting a prototype and then we decide internally if it works or if we need to adapt it further.”

Ptec har hjälpt Pinewood med varumärkesprofilerade butiksställ
Mr. Ptec and son holding an in-store display that they have produced for Pinewood. Robin Andersson on the left and Peter Andersson on the right.

Last but not least. If you were to dare to do a little trendspotting; what do you think your customers will want from you in the future? Does sustainability play an ever more important role?

“We see an ever-greater need to offer our store salesforce Pinewood-profiled fittings. As we grow and reach new markets, it becomes important to maintain a uniform profile that signals our brand. There has to be an underlying concept in order for the consumers to recognise us, irrespective of which international store they visit. Functionality is of course extremely important too.

When it comes to sustainability, this is always both a recurrent and important question, for all sectors. Of course, the sustainability question is important for us, not least because we work actively to develop and produce a sustainable range.

Pinewood tänker på hållbarheten in i minsta detaljFrom the autumn of 2022, Pinewood is aiming for half of all new Pinewood products to be made of sustainable material.