Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Minimalism. A desire to avoid furniture. The result included the store for the Swedish fashion label being fitted with stair-like sculptures that twisted up from floor to ceiling.

Architectural minimalism with an installation feel

V Ave Shoe Repair is a Swedish fashion label that is renowned for its minimalistic clothes with unusual cuts and (sometimes) dramatic drapes. When they fitted out their store in fashionable Östermalm in Stockholm, they commissioned the architect firm Guise (now Campus). The mission saw the light of day over 10 years ago, but the design is timeless and is still experienced today as before its time and ultra modern, despite the fact that the store no longer exists.

Ptec enjoyed the privilege of producing and mounting the unique display solutions. In the small factory in Kulltorp, the beautiful spiral-shaped staircase took shape, together with the unique cubes. Everything was mounted and put in place by Ptec in the Stockholm store.

Jani Kristoffersen, one of Guise’s founders, says:

“Our ambition was to use strong silhouettes and so we chose a double spiral-shaped staircase as the basic form. In order for the spiral shape to work as a functional exhibition area, we were forced to deform the staircase’s design until it fulfilled the commercial exhibition requirement. The deformation went on to the staircase its unique character.

FASR007 Conceptstore©Lanceandjohn
FASR006 Conceptstore©Lanceandjohn
FASR003 Conceptstore©Lanceandjohn
FASR002 Conceptstore©Mattiaslindbäck
FASR003 Conceptstore©Mattiaslindbäck
FASR005 Conceptstore©Lanceandjohn

The staircase became the most important spatial aspect of the retail trade concept Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. But in addition to the staircase, a flexible shelf system was also designed to meet the store’s needs. Each shelf was specially designed and customised for the different placements in the store. The shelves consisted of a rigid frame of steel rods, which together created a matrix of small cube-shaped spaces, all measuring 360x360x360 mm.”

What’s important for you when you choose a supplier?

“Attentiveness to my wishes, which often entails requirements on design and finish. As we often work to deadlines, it’s a plus point if the supplier is quick to act and maintains a high service level.”

How did you come into contact with Ptec?

“I got a tip from Bjursås Snickeri in the Dalarna region of Sweden just over 10 years ago. The tip led to all three of us doing a joint project together.”

What are the qualities of Ptec that you value the most?

“Ptec maintains an exceptionally high service level and always delivers as per the agreement. We are a regular customer which certainly says a lot in itself. I only have good things to say about Ptec.

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